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course is about learning how to learn . I think this course is essential for every person in the world wants to learn any thing . we should first learn what “learning” means . that can affect my whole life not only my career. In general , I am interested in brain , memory and learning process , and this course wiil help me a lot to understand that concepts in easy and right way . Right now, I am a medical student , in medicine we are studying massive amount of subjects which are tough and difficult to remember , and in this cours it will discuss this point and how brain works and the right technique to deal with tough information . After graduating and starting my career , medical career is built mainly on stong academic base and the speed of memorizing saved information . by understanding how to learn I will do this easily and save time in a right way . And who knows I may specialize in neurology science .I need financial aid because I am from Egypt and my income cannot pay for this course. Now I do not have a job to pay for it, because I am still student. And I cannot find a job so that I can cover courses fees as I am a medical student and it is hard to study medicine while working. My father income cannot either pay for it. He is old and retired now. So the income of my father can only cover my academic studies in college. I always have the desire and ambition to improve my skills but money is always my problem but when I have heard about online courses and especially coursera and about the financial aid that coursera provides for people cannot pay like me , I restored my hope and dream about improving myself again . So I need your help by giving me financial aid. And I hope that you give me the chance. And finally I really thank you

Abdallah Salem
رسالة الدعم المالي الأولى لكورسيرا
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